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Gymnasium Booking : 

All users must pre-book the gym space one day in advance

By calling APM Centre at 902-628-8513 ext 225 (please leave a message your call will be returned)
or email

Some Covid-19 restrictions for the Gymnasium 

  1. If you are feeling ill you are not permitted to use the building.
  2. If you have traveled outside of PEI you are not permitted to use the building until you have served your 14 days of isolation.
  3. If you are coughing or sneezing please do so into your sleeve and immediately sanitize or wash your hands.
  4. All users must book the Gymnasium members prior to March 16, 2020 will be at no charge, non-members can book a badminton court at $13.91 per hour plus tax. Note limited use at this time. A family playing a sport and they must brining their own equipment. (We are working on rules around non-family use of the building and what will be allowed)
  5. We are only allowed to have 15 people in this space.  So all spaces should be pre-booked to ensure space is available.
  6. When you enter the facility you will change your shoes in the lobby then proceed to the gymnasium.  
  7. Please come changed and ready to use the Gym locker rooms will be limited use shower facilities will not be available.
  8. Upon enter the gymnasium you will go to your designated court.
  9. Public washroom space will be available to wash your hands. Hand sanitizer will also be available.  
  10. At the end of your booked time you should exit the building immediately to allow for other users.  
  11. We are requesting that in the hallway and area where distancing is harder people wait and allow for one way traffic to  maintain 6ft distance ( these areas are marked as two way traffic areas).