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Gymnasium Booking : 

All users must pre-book the gym space in advance

By emailing (responded to during business hours)

calling APM Centre at 902-628-8513 ext 225 please leave a message limited staff in the summer

APM Centre Covid-19 Screening
  1. If you are feeling ill, you are not permitted to use the building.
  2. If you are coughing or sneezing, please do so into your sleeve and immediately sanitize or wash your hands.
  3. People that have been a close contact for Covid-19 and requested to self-isolate are not permitted to enter the building.

Some Covid-19 restrictions for the Gymnasium 

  1.  See General building guidelines on home page.
  2. All users should book the Gymnasium prior to coming to the building
  3. We do a per court booking at an hourly fee prime time  $13.91 per hour plus tax per court or non-prime at $9.58 plus hst per court. 
  4. We do a full gym rental at an hourly fee of  $40.87 per hour plus tax or non-prime at $28.70 plus tax.  
  5. Non-prime is Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm excluding holidays.
  6. All users should bring their own equipment, any borrowed equipment should be cleaned prior to use.  
  7. We do have limited numbers for booking in this space. (Court: no more than 15 people,) please provide the number in your part at time of booking. 
  8. Court bookings can be made 3 days in advance. Full Gym 1 month in advance of if looking for a full season we can do that too. 
  9. Shoes to be changed in the designated area in the gymnasium. Absolutely no outdoor footwear allowed in the gym area.
  10. Upon entering the building please check in at the canteen/control desk who will direct you to your designated court.
  11. Locker room washroom space will be available to wash your hands. Hand sanitizer will also be available.   
  12. Arrival Time: 5 min before booking. 
  13. Departure Time: is immediately at the end of your booked time, all must be departed within 2 minutes
  14. Payment for full gym is to be received in advance by e-transfer ( or as arranged with building staff.
  15. Group must as best as possible stay in their designated booked court. 
  16. Booking blocks are one hour slots. (multiple blocks can be booked)