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Vax Pass Required for Entry as per Public Health Order (October 5, 2021)

  • Your will be required to show proof of vaccination and government issued ID for access all areas at the APM Centre.
  • This applies to individuals who are 12 years of age and older.
  • Unless they are a participant in an organized activity for youth where all are 18 years and under.
  • Vaccination proof and ID must be shown every time you entre and you must be able to provide proof at any time requested by staff or public health.

APM Centre Covid-19 Screening

  1. If you are feeling ill you are not permitted to use the building.  
  2. If you are coughing or sneezing please do so into your sleeve and immediately sanitize or wash your hands.
  3. People that have been a close contact with any person that is being screened for Covid-19, are not permitted to enter the building.
Some Covid- 19 Restrictions for Fitness Classes
  1. We require all users to wear a non medical mask for entering and exiting the facility. we do not expect people to wear a mask while exercising. 
  2. We are only allowed to have 35 people in class counting the instructor.  
  3. When you enter the facility you will remove your shoes in the gym hallway if possible and move into the gym area where we have some chairs to put on your clean shoes.   
  4. People will not be allowed to take children to class.
  5. Please come changed and ready for class. Locker rooms will be limited use and shower facilities will not be available.
  6. Upon enter the gymnasium area you will choose your weights and then move to one of the spaces in the gymnasium and that is your space for the class. We have allowed 15 minutes prior to class for people to arrive and 15 minutes after class for people to leave the facility.  
  7. We will not be using the stability balls at this time for classes.
  8. Weights used should be cleaned before and after use. After using the weights please return to weight storage area. If you have your own weights we appreciate if you bring them to class. 
  9. The weights are hard to ensure clean so we suggest taking a small towel to wipe sweat off your face to avoid touching your face. The towel should be able to identify one side of the towel for your face and one for your hands.
  10. Locker room space will be available to wash your hands. (Public washroom can be used for over flow) Hand sanitizer will also be available.  
  11. At the end of class people should exit the building. We have allowed 15 minutes for the exit period changing your shoes in the designated exit area.
  12. We are requesting that in the hallway and area where distancing is harder people wait and allow for one way 
  13. Gymnasium user can use the public washrooms or locker rooms 
  14. During gymnasium use 6ft distancing must be respected at all times, with the exception of incidental contact. 
Class Changes 
Friday December 24 Class Cancelled

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Wake up  & Get Fit
8:45am to 9:45am

Wake up  & Get Fit
8:45am to 9:45am

Wake up  & Get Fit
8:45am to 9:45am

Wake up & Get fit: 
Maura will wake you up and get your body moving with this ever-changing program.  If variety is what you seek, come and check this out!  Class suited for all fitness levels.  

See fee page for all membership options. Note: Class times may change due to events, holidays or attendance. See website for note changes.  

APM Centre Fitness Class Fees: 

Membership Type

Fee plus HST

Day Pass 


Fitness Class 10 Class Pass


1 Month Adult


1 Month 55 Plus/Student


1 Month Family


3 Month Adult


3 Month  55 plus /Student


3 Month Family


6 Month Adult


6 Month 55 plus /Student


6 Month Family


9 Month Adult


9 Month 55 plus /Student


9 Month Family


1 Year Adult


1 Year 55 Plus/Student


1 Year Family Membership