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Birthday Party Package:
Payment must be made to confirm booking by e-transfer. Please include the date and time of the party in notes of the e-transfer.  E-transfer to (it will be an auto deposit)
Booking should be made 1 week in advance and bookings are only taken 60 days in advance.

Refund Policy: If you need to cancel with more than 1 weeks notice a full refund less a $15.00 administration fee. Less then one week notice, no refund but we might be able to find you a new suitable time.  

Information required to book a party: Please include with all requests
To book you can call 902-628-8513 ext 221 or email . 

Full Name, Home or Cell Phone Number,
Date and time you are requesting,
Package you want see below for details ,
Approx. number of children, max number is 20 children (adults extra).
If you want food from the Canteen. (available August to May)

Package 1: Includes 60 minutes of gym time 
(includes set up and clean up time) (includes equipment rental) and one hour in the meeting room. Fee $90.00 total. 

Package 2: Includes 120 minutes of gym time (includes set up and clean up time) (includes equipment rental) and one hour in the meeting rm. Fee $138.00 total
(If brining in a bouncy castle ensure they are in and out on time)
Meeting room: One hour of meeting room rental following your gym time.  An extra 15 minutes on the front and back of your classroom time is available for set up and clean up. 
Food: You bring in the birthday cake. Options for food are to order in pizza on your own, or order from the canteen a hot dog and/or fries, at $2.61 per item, per person, plus taxes ($3.00 tax inc) (Only available August to mid-May).

Equipment available:
    Puzzle mats                             
Soccer Balls                                    Bean bag toss game
    12 scooters                              Stack Buckets                                 Rubber Dodge Balls                            
    Basketballs                              Jump Ropes                                    Footballs
    Small Parachute                      Ball Hockey Sticks & Balls            Scoops and Balls
    6 Spud Jumpers                       Bean Bags                                  
    12 Pinnies
    1 foam Bowling set                 Badminton Racquets and birdies    Roller Tunnel
    Foam building block set          Hula Hoops                                     Rimball (Basketball Hoop)
    4 Loop Handled Hop Balls

For Booking contact: Donna Butler at 902-628-8513 ext 221 or email

Birthday Party Booking Information and Rules:
1.    We suggest that the parent arrives at the facility 10 minutes prior to the start of the party. They should check in at the canteen. (Note the canteen can sometimes be very busy so ensure you allow enough time).

2.     Each child should bring a personal water bottle for the gym as we have no water fountain.

3.    Parents are to ensure that all Birthday Party participants always remain in the birthday party room or gym with parental supervision. The walking track and weight room are for members only please ensure the participants are not in these areas.

4.    Canteen staff will provide access to the birthday party equipment. In the gym, you must use APM Centre provided ball hockey sticks - plastic blade inserts.  Please do not bring sticks from home, proper sticks are provided. Please also ensure balls are not hit up on to the walking track area. All Equipment should be put back in the storage room at the end of the party for cleaning.

5    All participants should bring a pair of indoor shoes for the gym floor.

5.    Parents are to ensure the meeting room is straightened up at the end of the party. All garbage should be put in the garbage cans or beside the cans. We ask that you do not drag chairs/tables across the floor.

6.    The meeting rooms are not designed for ball hockey etc. No horseplay in the meeting room space.

7.    There are bathrooms upstairs (so there is no need to be going up and down the stairs to the bathroom.)

8.    If you are decorating the room, please use painters masking tape or mack tact on the walls.