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Fitness Class Drop in Card  
10 Classes Fitness Class Card                  $41.74 plus HST

APM Centre Membership Fees

Plus $5.00 refundable membership card deposit & HST on all the following fees.

Membership Type

Walking/ Track/

Fitness Rm /Gymnasium

Fitness Rm /Fitness Classes /Gymnasium / Track /Skates

Fitness Classes

Day Pass Adult





Day Pass 55 Plus / Student





1 Month Adult





1 Month 55 Plus/Student





1 Month Family





3 Month Adult





3 Month  55 plus /Student





3 Month Family

$ 67.00




6 Month Adult





6 Month 55 plus /Student





6 Month Family





9 Month Adult





9 Month 55 plus /Student





9 Month Family





1 Year Adult

$ 85.00




1 Year 55 Plus/Student

$ 77.00




1 Year Family Membership





Day Passes:  Gym day pass: You must be 11 years of age.  Weight room day pass: You must be 18 years of age.  All other day users must be supervised by an adult.  All guests are asked to sign in at the canteen.

Age of Members: All persons 18 years of age and under must have their parent/guardian come to the facility at the time they are purchasing their membership to sign as the member’s legal guardian.

Supervision while using the facility: Youth APM Centre members 10 years and older and non-members 11 years and older can use the Gym without supervision. APM Centre members 14 years and older and non-members 18 years and older can use the weight room without supervision. Members under the age of 16 years are able to sign in guests under the age of 16 years.

Ball Hockey Sticks: Absolutely NO street hockey or wooden blades sticks, as they will damage the floor.  Ball hockey sticks must have a plastic insert blade. If you are unsure please ask staff. The correct type of stick is available for your use at no charge. 

Pets: Pets are not permitted in the building. Only working animals are permitted.

Heely’s , Roller Blades and Skate Boards: are not allowed to be worn or used in the building. Safety concerns.

Scent Free: Please be respectful of others with sensitivity to scents and refrain from wearing scents while working out in the weight room, walking or using the gymnasium.  

Footwear: Indoor only sneakers must be worn in the weight room, gym and walking track areas.  No outdoor footwear allowed please.  

Trial Membership: The APM Centre offers all new members a one week trial membership for use of walking track and weight room. (Fee $20.00) If a membership is purchased credit will be given for trial week to new members that are residents of PEI.  Please sign up with any of the canteen or office staff.  All regular rules apply to the facility use. Members under 18 years must have an adult sign membership waiver from at this of purchase.

Weight Room Program: All members are offered a free weight room program by our trained programmer.  The initial assessment takes about one hour and we suggest that you return to refresh your program every six (6) weeks.  Leave your name and times available at the canteen so we can book you in for an appointment or call us 628-8513 ext 223.

Locker Rental: Lockers are available for day use to all users and members.  Bring your own lock but please do not leave the lock on overnight. There are a limited number of lockers available for yearly rental large locker $30.00 per year and small locker $15.00 per year plus GST.

Equipment Rental: Badminton shuttle rental $0.50 and badminton racquets rent for $1.00 each and must be returned at the end of the day or when leaving the building.  There is no charge if you bring your own equipment and no charge for ball hockey sticks basketballs volleyballs.

Weightlifting: All people under the age of 18 years of age should consult with their physician prior to lifting weights.

Payment Plans on 1 Year Membership: Monthly payment plan, first and last payment is due at the time os purchase. Then on the 20th of each month a bank withdrawal will be completed for 10 more months. Any non payments on monthly withdrawal will be charged a $15.00 fee and is payable immediately to avoid membership disruption. (a void check oa bank note is required to set up payment plan)

Cancellation Fee: Membership fees will be refunded ONLY for those members who: (1) are leaving the province, or (2) for a certified medical reason, and all refunds are subject to an administration fee of $50.00.

Membership Information:

Membership Upgrade: If you purchase a short term membership (1, 3 or 9 month) you can upgrade to a longer term membership at any time before your current expiry date.

Membership Cards: Membership cards are to be used only by the people listed on this application and they must be displayed while you are using the facility.  They are not transferable.  Allowing others to use your card could result in the loss of the privilege of having a card to access the walking track, gym, and weight room areas without being checked in by an APM Centre Staff.

Fitness Membership: Includes the use of the weight room, track, all public skates, and gymnasium use during open times, and locker room.

Track Membership: Includes the use of the track, gymnasium during open times, and the locker room area.  Please check booking schedules on main bulletin board for weekly times.  To confirm open times on our events line: 628-8513.

Student:  You must be attending school full time and able to provide proof of full time attendance.

55 Plus: Any persons 55 years and older.  You may be asked to present proof of age.

Family: A family includes two adults, common law or married, and any children living in the same household under 18 years of age or those attending school full-time to 21 years of age. (Student ID required)

Single Family: Includes 1 adult and his/her children living in the same household under 18 years of age that are attending school full-time to 21 years of age.  (Student ID required.)