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Events at the APM Centre.

Start Date End Date  Area used Event
31-Mar-19 25-Apr-19 Arena KZ Skating Spring Program
01-Apr-19 22-May-19 Arena Promac Spring Hockey
01-Apr-19 22-May-19 Arena Tyler's Spring Hockey
07-Apr-19 12-Apr-19 Arena Ringette Nationals
13-Apr-19 13-Apr-19 Gym Election Advance Poll
15-Apr-19 15-Apr-19 Gym Election Advance Poll
18-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 Gym Election Advance Poll
23-Apr-19 23-Apr-19 Gym Election Poll
26-Apr-19 28-Apr-19 Arena  Andrews Hockey Tournament 
03-May-19 05-May-19 Arena Andrews 4 or 4 tournament 
09-May-19 09-May-19 Gym Hampshire WI Prize Bingo
10-May-19 11-May-19 Arena Andrews Hockey Tournament 
10-May-19 12-May-19 Arena Laura Stamm Clinic
17-May-19 19-May-19 Arena Andrew Hockey Tournament
26-May-19 26-May-19 Arena Last Day of Ice Rental
27-May-19 28-May-19 Arena Removal of Ice
01-Jun-19 01-Jun-19 Gym Cow's