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Events at the APM Centre

Start Date         End Date          Area used           Event
23-Jul-2022      23-Jul-2022     Outside. Gym     Reconition Event for Sarah MacEachern Gold Medal
1-Aug-2022      7-Aug-2022    Arena                 Install Ice in arena
10-Aug-2022   13-Aug-2022   Arena                 HMI Camp (Adam McQuaid)
15-Aug-2022    19-Aug-2022   Arena                National Ringette Camp
21-Aug-2022    28-Aug-2022   Arena                Islanders Training camp
24-Aug-2022    24-Aug-2022   Arena                Islander Exhibition Game
26-Aug-2022    28-Aug-2022   Arena                Andrews Hockey Show Down
29-Aug-2022    2-Sep-2022     Arena                Ringette Camp
5-Sep-2022      30-Sep-2022    Arena               NRMH Fall Camps